GN Front Clip - what is it worth?


Attached are pictures of a brand new (I was told OEM) front clip (I think that's what it is called). I bought it from a forum member 6 years ago just in case I would ever need it. Trying to sell the car now so I was wondering how much this may be worth.
Thank for any input.

I would call it a header panel. Front clip would be this, hood and fenders. Should be worth good money as there is not a good reproduction one out yet.
Spoolfool is just about ready to release his new ones and they are suppose to be better than a oem GM one. Yes that is a header panel.
You should be able to get $500+ for it if its actually GM. It really depends on how bad someone wants it though. I would list that on Ebay and let em bid war on it.
I've stripped at least 20 Gn's and I believe I only ever took 1 mint gn header panel off of all the cars I stripped. Most times the gn's have a filled Regal header panel or a smashed factory header panel. So if you have a real deal factory gn header panel that never had the holes in it and it has zero repairs and needs zero repairs I would say it's worth $1000. All day long and look back through the wanted ads and see how many people put up wanted ads and look how many responses people get. Shipping on something like this is between $75-200 in case your wondering that as well. I've shipped 3-4 header panels to TX from CT over the years