Gn Interior


I'm Having My 1986 Gn Painted, So The Whole Interior Is Out Of The Car. I Like To Recover The Front And Rear Seats. I Like Some Info Where To Get The Best Fit And As Close As Possible Seat Covers To Original..also Need Carpets Too!

We carry PUI interiors which are the best & closest on the market.New arm rest, lower door panels, upper door panels & carpet.Visors & headliners also.
Thanks All, For All In Info On The Gn There Anyone Who Had The Seat Recovered ? I Like To Know Where You Bought Them And How They Looked And Fit From The Original Material???

Thanks Vince
I went PUI also. I had a few guys tell me they were some of the best. Then when I started calling around to vendors for prices and type, most all came from PUI anyway. I was happy with the fit and finish. Most any custom shop or auto upholstry place with a GOOD REPUTATION can handle putting them on. I actually paid more to have the door panels done than the seats. JAX has a good reputation too! Not sure if they do there own or they come from PUI also!
I Purchased New Covers From Poston And Had A Pro Install Them They Turned Out Great ,they Are Close To Original But Buy Both Front And Rear Price Was Fair About 300.00 (have A Professionalwho Has Done This Before Put Them On Or The Piping On The Sides Will Be Real Wavy