GN Scary Car


The Video Guy
Mar 26, 2002
Hello everyone,
I just purchased a 87 GN and man is this thing fast, I mean I heard the storys about these cars... But holy moly this thing is a freakin monster!:mad: It`s SCARY fast... What was GM thinkin.
I just thought I`d share my views on this MONSTER they call the Grand National... I LOVE IT thank you GM thank you.
Yours truely GNflyby.:D
HEHEHEHEHE!!!! Welcome to the Dark Side my young GN driver. You have much to learn about the ways of the turbo buick.
Yeah well this weather is killing me! I have only gotten to drive mine 100 miles since I got it two months ago. Thanks again to the Buick gods for providing this machine to us
Yeah well this weather is killing me! I have only gotten to drive mine 100 miles since I got it two months ago. Thanks again to the Buick gods for providing this machine to us:cool:
Ha Ha!! They are so much fun, aren't they? :D Wait 'till you start moddin' it! Then it gets really addictive! :)

Welcome GNflyby! If your like the rest of us you find that it's never fast enough. You'll take it too the strip and run high 13s or low 14s if your stock, then you'll say with a couple of mods and some more boost I can run 12s easy. Then you'll say, "Well 11s aren't that far away. It's only 1 second". You see the trend. Have fun!
Welcome, you think its scary now, wait 'til you drive it in the rain :eek: you'll learn a whole new meaning to feathering the gas when pullin out or when it hits 2nd and boost comes in...checkout for a wealth of info..
Thanx for the welcome guys, I hope to be able to post a pic soon.
I`ll keep you posted. :cool:
Looks like a really clean car. How many miles are on it? What mods do you know of?

Welcome to the dark side:D
Nice car brother, but one warning.........the minute you spend one red cent modifying your car, it all goes downhill from there:D :D
Sweeeeet Car!!

Welcome to the board and the dark side!!
Your car looks awesome..ya gotta love how you can see the house damn near perfectly off the reflection of the paint!!
How much did you pay for the car??
Good luck with it!
Also if you haven't started already, get some security devices ASAP..column guard, alarm system, starter cut-off, etc..
These cars are fast..and they're also coveted by many theives!
Have fun!
Thanx, I really love the paint job although it`s not original.
I got the car exactly as you see it, with all the mods and sercurity system already installed. I sometimes feel I over paid and I probably did... But I just couldn`t help myself, is $12,000 too much?? Please be kind. :D
I think for 12 you did pretty darn good considering the paint work. It looks pretty damn good to me. I do not think you can go wrong with the price or the car. If the interior trunk and under hood look anything near the outside, you did good.
I agree with machinegun, if the inside looks just as good as the outside, damn good deal!
Also what mods are on it??
The rest of the car is in excellent conditions too.

These are the mods I know of,
Mods--30psi boost gauge, console mounted coolant temp and Oil gauge, K&N air filter + breather, ScanMaster ( No clue how to use), rear airbags, 93oct chip (Actually has about 3 mod chips), 2.5'' Hooker exhaust and some nice chrome under the hood. I`m sure it has other stuff I don`t even know about,
I wish I could find out all it has, But I`m still just a puppy in the world of GNs. :D
If you are happy then it is worth it. I spent 8 for mine, 75K, everything perfect except the paint. $8000 + $4000 paint = $12000:)
Get to know the scanmaster. Make sure you get a good baseline before you start to mod anything