GN STOLEN South Western Ontario Canada


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Jun 30, 2005
Well I am sorry to report another GN Stolen. Young guy owns this and it is his first GN. This is the info he sent to me. Keep your eyes peeled.

1987 Buick Grand National

Rust bubbling on bottom of drivers door and in front of left rear tire. Slight scratch in passengers door, no windows tinted, aftermarket stereo deck, interior in great shape. Had a boost gauge and scanmaster in the centre console, blinking red led on drivers front dash.. other then that pretty typical GN!

Plate number BXJP 444

VIN # 1G4GJ1176HP419272

It was last seen on video leaving my work on Parkinson Rd. In Woodstock ON heading east. At 127pm. (they rolled in at 124 and left at 127) The get away car was a new black 4 door Honda civic, I've attached a picture. And a male wearing a grey hoody! Unfortunately the camera quality sucks so we can't get a plate # off of the car. I didn't realize the car was gone till 315pm, which then I called the Woodstock police and made a report...


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I had my truck , trailer and GN stolen 2 years ago. I put up a 5 grand reward and recovered everything.
Did you check with a video expert, maybe they can enhance the plate & at least get a partial number. Police can run a partial & see how many Black Hondas match?... hopefully, good luck