gn1 bare heads for sale


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Mar 14, 2009
i have a set of gn1 bare cylinder heads for sale. one head has a broken valve guide. no damage to head. i was going to replace all valve guides, just havent got to it yet. make a offer. wasent going to sell but i need $$ for my a1000 fuel pump, regulator, plx controller, summer is comming and this car needs to be driven!!
thanks again
paul 66gs mass,
i am going to take pics monday after work. i can send or post pics to anyone.
i will post pictures 2morrow and than make an offer. $$$ or some of the parts i need. i am so close and i just want to get my turbo nailhead done asap!! thanks paul
pics of gn1 bare racing heads for sale.

i went and took the heads out of the garage. i took a alot of pictures, each head could use one valve guide, cut the seats and clean them up. they have been sitting in the garage for a bit. one spark plug hole needs to be tapped. threads look real dirty and alittle corroded. around the coolant hole you can see a little corrsion. make an offer.


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more pics

i tried to show the bad parts , so thier are no surprises. these heads with a little work and be very nice pieces. i do have access to machine the heads at work, and to install new valve guides but just dont have the time. two many projects.


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what are they worth to you?? i dont ever want to be greedy and i always try to fair.. all i ask is the same. make a reasonable offer. first reasonable offer takes them.
500 shipped? since nobody else has offered:cool:

its going to cost $600 more for stainless valves, roller cam springs, new guides, seals, valve job, milling, and magnafluxing. what is that red X about on there?
the red x was to show which cylinder had a bad valve guide i just wanted to show everything. how about. must be $80-$100 to ship them to la.. from mass. $600 with shipping and packaging. I have $600 into them and really wanted to hold on to them for my next gn project.
i'm going to pass on there, but now you guys have a price. Thanks for the opportunity though!!!:cool:
Sale Fell Through With The Heads.. Heads Still For Sale, Will Be Posting On Ebay On Sunday.