GNX 239 Has a new Owner


My dad bought GNX 239. Before everyone informs me of what a turd of a car it is I would like to inform everyone what the car is and why the car is in the condition it is. The car is 100% real! The owner passed away and left it to his son. The son did not have the resources to restore the car correctly so he decided to sell it. The son informed me that everyone and there mother wanted the car! GNX 239 was the most important thing in the owners life! The owner was a hard working man who worked every day to make the monthly payment on this awesome car. As the owner got sick he would sneak the car out and hit things unknowing he was doing so. He drove the car unit he could not do so any longer. When he passed the car sat because the family was not sure what to do with the car. The car sat in the same drive way that the car was first taken pictures of in 1987 with 28 miles on it! My dad and my son Andy and I are going to do a complete restoration on GNX 239. The pictures you see on the web are one thing but when you see it in person is another thing! All the original GNX things are in mint shape! The fenders, bumpers and other misc... Buick parts are easy to come by. I would kindly ask everyone on this Forum to please have respect for the seller of GNX 239 because this car meant so much to him and his family! My family plans to restore GNX 239 to the way it came from the factory in 1987 in honor of his father. It's easy to buy a 500 mile car for $90,000 but it's another thing to have three generation of car guys "family" bring an important part of Buick history back to life! Stay tuned for pictures of the restoration of GNX 239......
Glad to see it's in good hands. It sure looked like a feasible resto considering all the important parts were present as you mentioned. Start a resto thread with lots of pics! (y)
Good luck and keep a photo diary for us.
I will post pictures as the restoration moves forward. As a 1987 GN owner myself this car is very clean and has no rust like we see up North so the restoration should go very smooth! This isn't my first rodeo with vehicle restoration. Jeff
I am glad everyone is being positive because I want to share these posts with the original owners son when he comes to see the car when it is done. Thank you to everyone on this forum for being kind and understanding how important this car was to the late owner and his son.
If you have any question regarding GNX components or build information please let me know I will try to help you out as much as possible. Welcome to the forum..... best regards
congrats on owning a piece of history!
I was NEVER so thrilled as when I bought my GNX, I kept going out to the garage to make sure it was real.
your returning it to as made condition is a task, and I wish you great success, a photo log will be very welcome
by many of us,
good luck
Thank you everyone for your kind words and offers to help in the restoration! I removed the original GNX wheels last night to send them out to be redone. Next step is to remove the front sheet metal. I call GNX 239 "JOE DIRT" right now. Thanks and enjoy! Jeff


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When you take off the front fenders do not get rid of the inner fenders...It has a unique cut out along with the wheelhouse patch.
I would just document the entire process, and at the end you will have saved a Gnx from the graveyard
Hopefully you bought it right to take on such a task
I'm sure all the guys were wondering if he got his asking price,

That's between you and the seller
Good luck with the build looking foward to seeing progress pics and undoing years of neglet
Congratulations on aquiring the GNX and hats off to you, your son and your father for helping to restore a valuable piece of automotive history! Best of luck on the project. I can't wait to see the finished product. I hate to see a GNX in this kind of shape, however I can only imagine the joy that the original owner got from driving the car.
Well the car is going very well! This car is really clean! No rust issues! I have began gathering parts for the car but need some help finding the following:
Front GM fillers
Rear GM fillers
1987 GN GM NOS Head Light Black Buckets
1987 GN GM NOS Grill
NOS GNX Center Caps or used.
NOS GNX Trunk Badge
GNX Exhaust NOS or Used.
Any help finding these parts would be greatly appreciated!!! Jeff


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All those parts are pretty easy to locate and available
The hardest part will be nos Gnx exhaust
I have 2 left only nos cat back Gnx exhaust but no right side
If you can locate a right you will be in business