gnx bushings


Jul 30, 2009
ok, took my car in to have new body bushings put on and they didn't put the 2 gnx bushings in because my car isn't a GNX. How hard is it to just put these 2 bushings in. I know they don't bolt in just slid into a couple of holes. Thanks
How many did they put in? Did you ask them to because that is a terrible excuse for not putting them in. It takes less then a minute if your replacing the other bushings.
That's a poor excuse...These "GNX" bushings are simply slid into place, no bolt needed. They're just sandwiched between the body and the frame and you don't need to have a true GNX to have them as the hole in the frame is already there from the factory...I've had them on my car almost since new and my roof pillars never cracked even after years or drag racing with it. A rear seat brace also helps ...

I just did my bushings last weekend and it shouldn't be too hard for you, except you will at least have to loosen the back half bushing bolts maybe all of them so you can lift the body. If you put it on a lift, strap down the frame and loosen numbers 7,6,4, and 3 on both sides you should be able to get enough clearance to slide number 5 in. They were actually pretty easy. You should be able to lift from the seam on the gas tank with the ramp's sliding jack (between the rails) to lift the rear.
I don't think they should be called a GNX bushing because my Monte Carlo SS had them in from newo_O .I think Buick just wanted our cars to ride like Buicks:DEither way it is not a bad job as stated above.

Don't know. All the other bushings were installed as well as the rad bushings. Guess they saw the letters GNX and knowing my wasn't one didn't install. Live and learn. I'll get it right, But the car is alot nicer and now I wonder what the other 2 will do. Thanks everybody it's always something