gnx dash oil pressure sending unit


Jun 6, 2003
For those of you who have the vdo style aftermarket gnx style gauge cluster.

The oil sender for the new gnx style vdo gauge has only 1 wire coming off it.
The stock oil psi sending unit has a 3 prong plug, not 1 wire plug.

How do I make the new 1 wire gauge, meet up with the 3 style prong plug that stock engines have?

Do I cut the end off and splice?

Again, this is the unit right behind the turbo coming of the oil pump on the engine.

What I did was use a a crimp-lok connector on the center light brown colored wire of original connector (three prong). Plug short jumper wire into the other side on the crimp-lok connector and fasten other end to terminal on new oil pressure sending unit.

I've had no problems doing it that way.