GNX For Sale - Hurst Lightning Rod Equipped


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May 25, 2005

For sale is a very nice 3-owner GNX with 27k miles (with a pristine vehicle history report and, more importantly, a certified "actual miles" branded title). It is excellent throughout with mostly original paint which shows beautifully as you can see from the day two reunion pics at the country club on the “Fortunate 547” Reunion Thread. First owner was a corporate celebrity from Texas who went out and had a huge show display hand painted and lettered documenting all the features of the GNX. If you’re looking for a dried-out, soulless, 00053.2 mile dust-gathering piece of furniture that’s sat in dead storage for 20 years, this is not your car. But if you want a show-worthy beauty that’s been driven, enjoyed, and loved every minute– and still gets lots of trophies and admiration to boot– then you may be interested.

I have ASC paperwork, original dealer keys with plugs saved, full window sticker (even the sticky edge “frame” is intact, usually it’s removed at the perimeter perforations). Add to that the mint build sheet, clear color copies of both previous titles, complete owner names & addresses (TX and CA). Yes, I also have the matching numbered book hand signed by Molly at the reunion. As well as the all-important Molly Designs GNX jacket and GNX hat. And also all 4 original factory Goodyear “Gatorback” VR tires taken off by the previous owner.

The power antenna works perfectly. So does the air conditioning. Original turbocharger is guaranteed (don’t laugh– you’d be surprised how many valuable GNX turbochargers have been quietly switched out, even from those 53.2 mile garage queens). But what do you expect with some of these cars passing through 15 or 20 owners? By sharp contrast, this GNX has had only two previous owners. That perfect provenance and title chain, along with all the extras that often get "lost" along the way with other cars, and, of course, its beautiful condition are what first attracted me.

But what really sets this GNX apart is that it's equipped with the 4-Speed Hurst Lightning Rod shifters. And they were perfectly installed without any permanent alterations. Causes lots of double takes at the shows, and-- most importantly-- really makes her a blast to drive! I will tell you the one thing that would have put this car over the top would have been for ASC to install Lightning Rods in all 547. Wish my other one had them.

Anyway, I will be glad to provide additional details to serious inquiries via PM/email only.

The LR conversion is just a shifter mod. It requires a set of 4-speed rods (which can be hard to come by and expensive), new top plate, dust boots, shifter cable and two brackets. A little dremel work has to be done underneath the console to make them fit.

I did it to an 87 Olds. Done correctly you get lots of comments. Most people would tell their wives and friends it was a rare option package, I would laugh and tell them sorry, it was not and I did it in my driveway.

very interested in your gnx. what are you asking for the car and where is it located. please get back to me at if you are serious.
Hehe... I just got my set... had to buy the whole damn car though... :frown:

But heck... it was cheap... :cool: