GNX serial #s, are they in order?


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All GNXs started as GNs, right? Do all the GNXs have a sequentail serial number sequence starting with a certain GN vin and continue in order until the final car was built? Or did they randomly send GNs to ASC to be converted. Or do they have a unique vin?

I'm going to look at a couple cars to potentially purchase so I'm trying to get my documentation right.
Secondly can the cars vin be easily seen on the block to verify it's the original engine?

I checked the GNX registry but don'ts see any tech on verification.
As previously stated they did not follow each other with the VINS but keep in mind all GNXs have the same options. One option you will find on every GNX that will not be on any other car is T2L. This can be found on the underside of the trunk lid where all of the option codes are listed as will as the VIN for the car.

The vin on the block is tough to see but you can see if you do not have the car up in the air. The VIN on the transmission can be verified with the car on the ground on the drivers side of the transmission. Use the picture below as a reference.


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Thanks for the info I'm a newbee at Turbo Buicks. I know where to look on old stuff but have never bought a newer collector car. Many of these Turbo cars were rode hard and modified so I want to be sure what I buy is pedigree. Is there a link or web site that lists and shows what to verify (stickers, turbo part # and other unique stuff). I found the one for GNs and T Types also looked throught the GNX registry?
Information about the GNX is readily available on the web. But to validate a particular car you may be considering, determine its specific history, or obtain other unpublished information to help ensure a smart decision, you'll definitely want to visit GNXRegistry.ORG.