GNX Wheel Weights


Feb 27, 2007
I'm looking for information about the original wheel weights that came on the outside of the factory GNX wheels.
Interested in things such as

1. Close-up pictures
2. Manufacturing info (who made them)
3. Were they all the same weight
4. Were they anything special or just a run of the mill generic wheel weight
like you would find at a wheel and tire store
5. Is there anything currently available that is exactly like or similar to the originals
They were probably just run of the mill weights. Wheel weights range from 1/4 ounce to 3 1/2 ounces. The problem is they were lead weights. Epa is coming down on the industry and making everyone go to steel weights instead of lead.
Does anyone have or is anyone able to take some close-up pictures of the original wheel weights on an original set of wheels and tires?
Call Joe at Parts Place. He has a low mile gnx sitting in his showroom. He is real cool. google .
Hope this helps here is his number. 630-365-1800
Hammering wheels weights onto your car will mark up the wheels. If your car needs wheels weights I would suggest using stick on. They can stick them to the back of the wheels and are easily removed as well as hardly detected.
Factory did not use stick on weights on the Gnx. If you are doing an original resto you want it factory. The first thing I would do is remove the weights and go stick on. When I worked at carmax we used the 3m system and it worked great
Would be great to see some photos. I have come across a few pictures, but they don't focus on the wheel weights more an overall picture of the wheel and tire. From what I see in the pictures it looks like they are Winged Micro Weights like on Corvette Wheels 1953-82. These are now being reproduced in steel vs lead.

I know there are lots of examples out there with original wheels and tires that would be good candidates for close-up pics, so if you can help with a photo please do.