GNX017 for Sale?


Sep 30, 2011
I just tested the ZL1 camaro, I am thinking of selling the GNX, 5600 miles. Not sure what to ask and what would be a fair price?

I can be contacted at 914-261-9816

Hey stratos its joe from roscoe do you have any pics of the car u can post like to see if u wanna u can text them to me thnx.
Didn't #427, a 1 Owner X with 3K original miles just sell for like $63K???
I would try to get at least 85K the car is worth of 547.....WOW....ZL1 want have that value after 25 years....Good luck....
There is a GNX on eBay for $80k with a little less than 500 miles. It all comes down to seller motivation cause you can ask what you want, but what will it realistically sell for? its all about supply and demand IMO.
modifications: hotchkis susepension, baer brakes, BBK RKII wheels, ATR components: exhaust, fuel pump, injectors, turbo, all original parts are accounted for, except for tires and battery. Book, Jacket, Window sticker, Ibusuki lithograph, epitome die cast