Going Fast with Class


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Oct 21, 2004
This thread is not really about intercoolers. However, it is my response to the numerous posts about intercoolers on this, and two other Boards. If you are tired and weary from reading about intercoolers….DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER. Click on another thread and enjoy yourself.

I’d like to start by stating my opinion about Jack Cotton. He is always willing to talk with anyone. At car shows, when the 20th person comes up and asks, “What size turbo is that?”…..he smiles and answers. At the track, if someone needs help or has a question, he will help, even when I wish he would use the time preparing his car for the next run. His business phone number and email are included in every post, and many in the Buick community know his personal cell number. If you are a NEXTEL subscriber, you can even direct connect at any time. He is approachable and sociable with all of his customers.

For those of you who stepped up and posted, when the true intent of the thread became apparent, I say thank you. Jack started working on a new mock up intercooler last winter. It would be nice to think people would support Buick vendors who wish to develop new products. Jack and Brian are the R&D for Cotton’s Performance. They are extremely particular about what they use and sell. I think that is a good thing.

For those of you who used the thread to bring up personal issues, comments on his business, his family and me, I will say you brought pain and sadness.

If your intent is to race an 8 second car and you want an intercooler that can be installed without an engineering degree and access to a fab shop, help Jack and Brian build it. Call with suggestions, email with ideas, or direct connect with MATS from your current cooler. If your intent is to destroy someone’s business and reputation, remember it is a community that claims they go fast with class. Be supportive of those vendors who want to help you reach your goals, if it’s racing or driving your Buick to a car show.

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TurboBabe said:
fast with class.

There are numberous other threads, where the mods and their pals take to making cheap shots, rather then actually trying to maintain this board's once high standard of excellence.

Seeing Nick leave, was a real shocker, IMO.