going to put some gauges in

On the top of the list of course is the Boost gauge! 30psi capable! Then I guess it would have to be oil pressure, water temp., volts, maybe oil temp, fuel press. (outside only), and perhaps a tranny temp? Can't have too many gauges (not what Buick thinks though:rolleyes: )
i have 6

Pillar, Boost, RPM, Knock,
Hood FP
Console Oil,Temp

and the SMII for a short time still on the dash waiting to come out
I have 6 right now
5" monster tach w/shift light
piller - Boost, Knock
console - water and oil
T-top gauge holder - Air/Fuel

I am going to get another gauge for the t-top piller and i am also getting a hood mount fp guage.
Or i was think to mount the fp guage in there but the electrical fp guage where the sender is under the hood.. ANy one use theres and how acurate are they
Got 13 in my TY

Boost,Fuel press,Oil press, Oil Temp,Fuel Ratio,Trans temp,Intake temp (before intercooler and after) Volt, 5" tach, Water temp, Left cyl and right cyl temp guages and EGT. I know exactly what the truck is doing all the time. LOL :) :) :)