Going to T400, what do I need?


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May 30, 2001
I have a 200-4r now and will be going to a turbo400 with a brake for next year. What is needed to convert over? Driveshaft? Crossmember? New shifter? Thanks.
One of the board members from Hawaii is running a BOP 400. According to him, the crossmember & driveshaft need modification. Don't know much else. :)
You can use your same crossmember, but you'll need to cut off the mounting pad & weld it on the other side. 400's have a larger output shaft so you'll need a 400 yoke. Get a good 3 1/2" driveshaft built with Spicer u-joints. You can use the stock shifter if you modify the cable bracket to attach to the pan rail. just remember that OD will be 3rd, D will be 2nd. ect. on the shifter. If you are not going with a fully manual valve body/trans brake, you will need to run a vacuum hose to the modulator valve & wire in a wot switch to the tranny for kickdown. Just food for thought. Why not a lighter, less power-robbing TH 350? Also it will literally bolt-in with a 3 speed G-body crossmember. So will the much overlooked Powerglide.

Can you tell me a little more about the TH350? Like how much it costs compared to a TH400? Does it cost more or less? If I put a T-Brake in the 350, will it be a full manual valve body? Is it as strong as a TH400? So with the correct crossmember, I can "bolt in" the 350 and use the same driveshaft? Thanks for any help!!!
If you are stepping up to a TH-400, you must be running 600 plus Horsepower, or why do it, takes to much to try and make a 350 last in this situation. Th-400 is the way to go if you want to step up and be consistent