Going to the track soon


May 30, 2001
My car has 152K miles on it. It burns no oil what so ever. I am going to be replacing the timing chain, turbo, and heads in the next two weeks. I have a spare set of heads that i am getting a 3 angle valve job, manley SS valves, and some bowl work done. The springs will be the 980's. I am replacing my stock turbo with a TA-49. I am putting a Red Armstrong XP plus fuel pump in as well. What is the most boost i could run with this combo (see Signature) on race gas (race chip too), with stock injectors? Do i have the capabilities to go mid/high 12's?? Any input would be great.
With race gas and race chip stay, I would recommend at or below 20 psi max boost with stock injectors and a TA49. Above 20 psi the TA49 will move too much air for the stock injectors to keep up. With traction and good technique, a low 12 @ 110-112 is very possible.

Note that cleaned up heads will lower the max amount of boost you will be able to run. You may run out of fuel at 19 or 18 psi depending on the extent of the headwork.
Low 12's with race gas and traction!

Make sure you start off with high static fuel psi (around 50 or more) and work down with maybe 20psi boost.:D Frank
Thanks a lot guys. I hope to have this ready for the American Iron Shootout at Cecil County. It will be the first time the car has been to the track. Hopefully everything will work out as expected.
Give me a call when you go and i'll meet you there and give you a hand. I only live like 15 minutes from Cecil.:D Later,Frank