Gone Girl


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Just curious what ya'll think about the new Street Outlaws Gone Girl, I for one give them a thumbs up, even though they have their fair share of BS throwed in like most of these shows...

At least they are racing Real street cars.. not tubbed out pro mods... they actually drive them..o_O
Its okay, def not my favorite show of the series. The rich girl thing is stupid IMO, she show gets on my nerves lol
I kinda gave up on the street outlaw stuff. Just too much for my taste. If it were real and they actually said some of the stuff to their adversaries, someone would have gotten a beat down or worse in real life.
I like the 660street and 1320 vids on you tube. Even the old street racing channel had some good action before the dad got sidelined.

Gotta respect him but after he made eff you money it is kinda watered down. Either way I wouldn't go to a job I don't like for very long either.