Good paint and technique for painting firewall behind engine?


May 29, 2001
As my car was originally an 85 "Hotair" car....literally.....the HOT AIR from the turbo sitting back so close to the firewall baked the paint directly behind the intake and heads and it has flaked off from years of driving and looks like ASS. Is there any special paint or special prep that needs to be done before I try to spray some new black paint back there while my engine is out?
Scuff it with 600 grit and use rattle can semi gloss black.

It's not the Sistine Chapel fer cryin' out loud. :p

Edit: Use a good degreaser first. ( NOT Purple Power, as it will eat and discolor what paint currently is on there)
I used some Krylon Satin Black years ago. Still looks like it did the day I painted it.
As mentioned.... Wax and grease remover BEFORE you hit it w/ the paper. Once the loose crud is off, it's time for some finer paper and feather edging the remaining paint. I then go over the entire area w/ a scotchbrite pad, [red], and break the surface.
Once that's done, it's time for some primer. I use semi gloss chassis paint.

Wire brushes
W&G remover
Scotch pads

I like Roloc discs, on my angle die grinder, to get the hard crud off. IE: the hardened sealer the factory goons smeared all around the openings...:(
So far, I'm into at least 10 hrs on my 86, and have another 10+ to go:eek:
Chuck have you tried plugging air into the angle die grinder, should help make that a 2 hour job....
Is the G/F a Walmart hottie...I see you stalk there, it would explain a lot....