Good upholstery shops in SD area?


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Jul 5, 2004
So I traded some labor for a set of Recaros, :biggrin: pretty much stole them from a buddy who had them in a Jeep. :cool:

Anyone know of any shops around San Diego area that would be able to recover these seats in fabric similar to the GN color and texture? Back seat still looks nice so doubtful I will recover them all at the same time, although that is preferrable...

Also need to score a set of sliders as he had them hard mounted with stainless brackets. Stoked! I remember asking on a thread once if Recaros were really all that... Wow, they are. As the other guy posted back, it was like being hugged. :biggrin:

Please let me know if you guys know of a good place around here. Thanks in advance!



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TTT. Anyone know of a good upholstery place near San Deigo? I will soon be back to daily driving the GN and have got to get the Recaros redone. My GN seats are in bad bad shape, kill my back, and a piece of spring or metal stab me in the leg while I drive...

I want to do them in black and gray GN colors, with the turbo 6 emblem in the headrest so they look semi-stock.
Thanks again guys for suggesting Jims. Man, what a nice shop. I got in a rush and dropped off the seats at an uphostery shop in Imperial Beach area and knew it was a mistake... This was right before I read you guys' suggestions. Nothing there to show me their work, kept showing me the wrong material and said "this is as close as it gets". He took the Recaros apart without me giving the go ahead, thinking I would just leave it be. I finally said the hell with it and picked them up, in pieces, and took them to Jim's. I paid the first place a little for taking them apart, just to be fair, and it was worth it to take them to Jim's instead. Quoted me a price $60 cheaper than the other place, had the right fabric (gray is a tad darker than orig), had beautiful work in there being performed, had mad amounts of fabric nicely rolled and stacked, nice folks to talk to, etc. Hands down great place. It means a lot to me to see the shop clean, everything organized, etc. Thanks again, should have the seats next week and will post pics.

Alright, finally got some down time to take and post pics. Now need some time to get these things installed! They look awesome, and feel even better! They have new foam too. It was $400 to reupholster the two seats, but one needed some welding and I didn't have time to mess with it, so that raised the price $75. The embroidery gets farmed out to Raggtopp Designs in El Cajon, and he did a KILLER job! The embroidery costs $7.50 a seat to stitch, and $40 to digitize the image. I wanted it digitized so it was crisp and perfect. I chose orange because I seriously dislike red on my cars. The grey was chosen to set the embroidery off from the seats and I think it looks pretty good. I am going to email him to make sure he keeps the digitized image so anyone else here can use it, and heck, for $7.50 I am thinking about having him put it on a Dickies jacket or something. Maybe even a fire jacket if I get one.

Anyhow, enjoy:


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they look great!! i once took some visors with the vanity light to a shop and they couldnt even get that right:( im glad you're happy with the results!