I have not been on for a while and want to check in.


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I was around the inception of the 86-87 GN. I was in the parts business with Quarter Mile Performance in Atco, NJ for a few years. I do not know how many of you may know of it. It you were from Philly, NJ or the surrounding area you probably remember the business if you are near my age of 47. I was around when the original pioneers of the GN were around. It was a lot of fun, especially the GN VS Mustang showdowns at Englishtown. The best race was in the early nineties and it was even up and came down to the final big boys, Duttweiler and Deputy. Duttweiler bean out deputy with smoke pouring out of his car. I think I may still have it on VCR tape, not sure. Good days.

Been away but still love them and always interested in them. I just wanted to see how the new crowd views them now that they are 30 years old. Probably the only real, cool specific car to come out in my generation.
There are a lot of GN's around still. At least around here(Detroit). I recall a hi oI shop around here called Turbo Engineering. I recently met a guy that worked there back in the day. I didn't have a GN back then but a knew 16 guys that did. It was a great time. You couldn't leave the house without catching a race with a 5.0. That was until the early 90's when the 5.0's stopped challenging the GN's.
Good times!
Are you talking about Gene Deputy from Houston?? My best friend at the time ( 88/89 ) had a Vette we took to Deputy's shop, Texas Turbo. He always had Stangs, TB's, and Vettes in his shop. At the time I was probably too young (20) to realize how fortunate we were in Houston to have Deputy, and Conley here. Thanks for the trip down memory lane..... James-