Grand National in new Terminator:Salvation movie?

Ill go and watch it I like all of them. Kinda of a cult thing at this point. Wonder if Arnold will make a cameo?
For a 200 million dollar budget it looks damn good. And a lot of the budget went into the set design, not actors paychecks or everything done in CGI. And one of the pyrotechnics ALMOST lost a leg making this film. How cool is that... Another cool thing they did which is rarely done in films was Oz Processing. Which is a lot like Bleach Bypass, (leaving the silver on the film when processing) the difference between the two is that Oz process happens to the master positive, while Bleach Bypass happens to the original negative. Expensive but it works very well for the film.
yeah what he said..LOL
You and febus outta film BG this year and do up some cool stuff
well I am talking to a flew people about setting up a Grand National Photo shoot in Times Square in june, and maybe whip out an Arriflex sr3 and do some B roll film of it.
Trailers are powerful things. Hopefully McG (director) actually made a good film and not just fun action scenes with filler.