Grand national parts sale


Dec 2, 2004
a/c delete pulley 30.00
turbo oil feed line 10.00
frontcover 60.0
waterpump 10.00
stock converter l/up (new)1500 miles 65.00
12inch 3000 stall converter l/up 150.00
turbo crank (need machining 20/mains-30/rods)75.00
serpentine belt(new)#5060640(dayco) 15.00
1set 3dot rods cast#(673) 60.00
postons .40/over hyper pistons/pins 150.00
cerama-coated alt pulley/fan 30.00
m.a.f bracket 5.00
rebuilt heads cast#(25506293)spent 400.00@ machine shop sell for 200.00
2-turbo wastegate actuators 50.00 each
1-set stock rocker arm assembly 50.00
stock turbo inlet bell 20.00
stock turbo exhaust housing w/elbow 100.00
stock pushrods 20.00
parts does not include shipping,thanks
for contact:email, or 321-217-7750
Interested in the Convertor

12inch 3000 stall converter l/up 150.00

Anything wrong with it? Why did you take it out?

How much to ship to 77357?

Thanks Rich
grand national parts for sale.

sorry for late respond, had computer problems. I spent a rod bearing and had to pull engine. I build my own engine and tranny,so i went to a 10 inch 3200
stall. not sure of shipping cost yet. possibly $20.00 to $30.00. If interested I
will split cost with you.Its been sitting for a couple of years so i would have the stall checked, or re-stalled.