Grand National Stolen



Well guys after returning from one of the best weeks of my life with Volunteers for Christ at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville my car was stolen out of one of the University's parking garages between Sunday March 18th at 1:30 pm and Friday the 22nd just before midnight. i thought it would be safe since the school should have been patrolling the area and i had a starter disabler. This car may very well have been picked up with a tow truck during broad day light. I would appreciate if everyone would be on the look out for this car. Anyways, it is an '85 model which looks like an '87 and has an '87 motor. ('87 minus the 3rd brake light), tinted windows, night shaded taillights, "we brake for corvettes" bumper sticker in the rear window which would have messed up the tint if removed. home depot cold air duct work w/ cutout in the driver's side air dam. small tear in the driver's seat and peeling chrome around the passenger side door pull strap cover fwd. the strap. Additional info is on my website at
Vin # 1G4GK4790FH453352
Tennessee tag # DHP-825
Thank You and God Bless
Lane Gordon
Man, that Blows!!!

Sorry to hear about your GN being stolen, I live part of the year in Florida and part of the year in Pigeon Forge Tenn, I always worry about my T-Type when I'm in Tennesse, I guess you know about Cocke County Tennessee's, reputation as the Car theft capital of the Southeast. I would bet that is where it went, Florida is bad for car theft, but, that area of Tennesee is really bad. If you go looking for it be careful, around some of those places it is pretty well known up there, that most of the stolen cars end up in that county. My neighbor up there has had 2 new trucks stolen right out of his driveway, with alarms on them, apparently they are snagging them with a Rollback. Good Luck I Hope You Find It!!!