Grand Prix Bar, 1LE 36mm Hollow Sway bar, 3 sets of Jounce Bars


The Artist FKA Scott4DMny
May 27, 2001
I have for sale:

1 Grand Prix Bar, (had surface rust, gave it a light sanding and sprayed satin black) 75 shipped obo

1 36mm Hollow Sway bar off Formula 350. (Includes brackets, bushings & brand new Energy Suspension End links). 85 shipped obo

3 sets of jounce bars. The first two sets are original satin black and in superb shape. One even still has the GM sticker on it. The 3rd set had light surface rust, it was given a light sanding and sprayed satin black) First two sets, 45 shipped obo , 3rd set 40 shipped obo.

Please see the photos below. I also have a photo showing the difference between a stock sway bar and 36mm.




GP and Sway Bar Sold. 2 Jounce bar sets pending. I also found another set of jounce bars in my garage.
WOW! I didn't realize the difference between the 36mm and the stock bar! Is that the stock GN sway bar? Did the N/A cars have even smaller sway bars?
Actually, I believe all the regals had the same size. Anyhow, sway bar, grand prix bar and a couple of the jounce bars sold. Only 2 sets of jounce bars left.