Gravel Guard?


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Where was the original gravel guard applied and when? On my 87 GN, I have multiple levels I guess you could say where it stops. My car was purchased by my mother in 94 with 22k miles. The hood and both doors have obvious repaint, filler spots from door dings and brownish paint compared to the rest. Nothing since then. Problem is the front fenders have the chip guard about 3/4" below the body line. It is under the paint with no tape line. The doors have chip guard right to the body line, also under the paint with smooth transition. Rear quarter in front of the wheels also at the body line and smooth. Behind the wheels it has a sharp tape line as if it was repainted over the original paint. So how was it originally applied. Getting ready to strip it and repaint with the new Goodmark doors, but want to know what was the correct level for reference.

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I just looked at mine. The chip guard starts aft of the front tire and runs the entire length of the car. It is from the bottom up to the body line. There is no tape line. It just stops at the body line. It seems consistent in all places applied. It is definitely applied then painted over it.

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Thanks Bill, I was going to look at yours next time I saw you, but since I'm not going to the track this year I probably won't see you.

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I Just Purchased A Super Clean 1984 Grand National (I Know, Hot Air Car :() Just wondering if the Gravel Chip Guard Paint was applied on the 84-85 Models....Thanks