Great street car

Mr. Michael

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Mar 1, 2016
This current auction on BaT is a super example of a great street car.

I admire a lot of cars here but this sample nearly touches all of the points that make for a great street car.

I would prefer something else done with the firewall Vs what they did, the glovebox hardware could be a little more creative, I may have gone with two 3" tailpipes Vs the big 4" diesel pipe, but I like a ton of the other details. Not to mention that they got the look down tight. I am normally not a LED headlight guy but these even work.
This is really a great look. Two different cars, both with "the" look for me.
I can get with this style myself. I’ve tried a lot of different setups and I think that might be the next one later this year
On the BAT car, I've got to say that I'm not a fan of the single shot exhaust to include the open down pipe dump in the front air dam. Not too big on the headlights either, but someone liked it enough to drop 94 large (US I assume) on it. Of course, a third of that value is between the fender wells. Still a sweet car though.
First car, nice, did the Dave H trans upgrades over the Summer then sold it though.

Not a fan of the single 4" exhaust or dump tube out the front passenger valance.
Got $94k, looking good for us all, the modded ones are even getting nice $$.