GS Nationals R275


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Jun 28, 2001
Run what you brung...

1/8 Mile
Chip draw
No time
275 or 28 x 10.5 tire
Steel roof and quarters
Buick body OR motor
I understand that it might be interesting for the spectators sitting in the stands but from a competitor standpoint, I'm not sure I'd be interested in participating in such a class because logically, it's the fastest car that will win so everybody else might as well stay home... Also, I've always preferred handicap racing because it gives EVERYONE (fast or slow) a fair chance to win. In heads up racing, only a few select racers (which often are the same from one event to another) have a chance to win so like I said previously, everyone else might as well stay home. It discourages the "little guy" racers like me. And last, I am not a fan of these "no time" classes... Why?? I find it interesting to see what everyone else is running (but that's me).
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Its obvious the class is setup for guys that want to go fast on that tire
Nothing wrong with that at all.
It's not always the fastest car that wins
This was cancelled, it's not running

This format is very popular right now, and yes the fastest car doesn't always win. The equalizer at BG is the track surface during this event. It is not radial prep and guys can't run what they run on flypaper radial events.