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No helmet required!
May 25, 2001
Saturday photos are up. I started with Saturday so the elimination photos would be available. The wind was slight and varied from head to tail and everything in between. This had an effect on the photos in some cases as the tire smoked moved in front of the cars. Not the best scenario for taking pictures. The two shots of the timing lights were for TSA and THS. Friday's photos will be next so I can get the car show shots up. Sorry for the delay but I crop almost all of the shots. As always, I'll send you the full size photo for free if you send me an email with the image number. Where you see 2 or 3 shots of the same car on a lauch that's where I was able to get several in burst mode. The Wed-Fri photos were shot in Medium-Fine setting. Saturday's were shot in Large-Fine setting so they will blow up a little larger if you decide to print them.

My thanks to all the racers that allow all of us to enjoy these cars so much.
So many great pictures, I don't know where to start.
Wed and Thur photos are up

Thanks everyone. The last of the photos are posted.
THANKS.... had tickets before the 'big rain' :(

Wed n Thur links aren't working for me though.
Hey guys if you look the link is just screwed up...Copy and paste the link to the address bar and correct obvious issues at he beginning of the link and you are in.
Links fixed

Sorry about the links. Should be working now.

As always, full size photos are available for free. Just send me an email with the dsc number you see below each pic.