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Not sure where to post this, here goes.
Am looking at a 1970, that's being represented as a GSX.
Can someone clue me in on what to look for, to verify the accuracy of the seller's claim?
About all I think I know::rolleyes:
1. 455 engine.
2. Either yellow or white.
3. 4 speed, or t-400.

I realize that condition and such dictate price. NE idea of it's value, [ballpark], should it be as represented?? [Seller states "You got to see this one]:eek:
This 1 is a convertible. Anything I should look for there?
NE sites that can lead me to an "expert status", in 15 minutes of reading?? [I learn fairly fast..:biggrin:]


No factory '70 GSX cars made as convertibles. The one you are looking at isn't a real one- that much I do know. No one would be strange enough to chop off the top and convert a real '70 GSX. Bet it's a clone/ tribute car and may have started out as a 350 GS or base Skylark model car. GSX could be had in either 455 or Stage 1 motor packages in '70. Two websites should have all the info you need on these cars: V8 and VIN should be 446370H Here's a site that offers up alot of good authenication information: Factory Stage1 Identification This one too: 1970-72 Buick GSX Registry
You also have a subject matter expert up your way that you could call and get everything you need in terms of history, info, documentation- Mark Reeves at Then and Now Restorations in the ATL area. HTH. :smile:

Thanks all.:D
The fact "no converts", pretty much did the trick!:mad:
it may well be a NICE car, but no clones in my budget.
The asking price is $20,000. For that much, I'll keep looking.