Gtq 70

GTQ 70

  • Leave 63 on TTA and 49 on GN

    Votes: 1 12.5%
  • put GTQ 70 on TTA, and 63 on GN, sell 49

    Votes: 7 87.5%

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May 29, 2001
I'm thinking of switching from my T63E turbo to a GTQ 70. If I do I will also go to a precision .85 exh housing. Have any TTA guys switched to any of the new GT series turbos? I wonder if thier really making the big power with them they claim.
I have made a few passes in "Nashty's" low 10 second GN. I have also rode a few times in "DR Boost's" turd mobile. Both of these cars ran 9" art carr n/l conv. Both of these cars where running old style T70's. I was really suprized how well the spooled and of coarse the way they ran on the top end. Nashty ran 131mph in his car with out ever really leaning on it.

Should I go for it or should I stick to the 63? If I do go for it the 63 will then go on the GN and the TA49 will be up for sale.

TIA: Jason
The 70 will put you into the 10's but you would be pushing that stock block to the bare limits. With the stock block I would stay with the 63E.
get the gtq-70 so that u will have one less excuse when u get landed on!

didnt the pontiac dealer ever warn u guys about the black buicks?

p.s. kiss the ring of the people's champion

I voted for the big turbo.

I love spending other peoples money. :D
I love spending other peoples money.

My master plan is to upgrade the GN from a TA49 to a T63E, and upgrade the TTA from a T63E to a GTQ70. The way I have it figured I will have to do a little work and only be out about $300 to $350 !! Heres the catch, I'll have to go to a 4 bolt 70. Ive actually have been thinking about a 4 bolt exh housing any way d/t some testing done by my buddies freind. Basically what they found was that a 4 bolt housing makes more boost at less back pressure. At least thats the only logical conclusion I could make from there testing.

Buy the GTQ but make sure you take an extra $500, wad it up and throw it out the window to make me feel better.

Did you get your ECU yet?

BTW, my wife is ready to kick your drunk ass you slobbery bald bastard.
BTW, my wife is ready to kick your drunk ass you slobbery bald bastard


normally i would think those are harsh words, but in this case they are perfect.

i want to kick the crap outta the sadistic person who gives him the phone when he is drunk.

im gonna make my cell phone a 1-900 number so at least ill make some money when he calls at 1 am.


i dont think you will flow enough air to spool a q trim and a 4 bolt housing on ur motor...unless u go with a 4500 stall.

port those heads!!!!

back to doing my one handed fingertip pushups.....seventy, seventy-one..... ,

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Hey I only had one little drink and that was strictly for medicinal purposes.

Surej: You better change your name to runner up. I ordered my new tranny today! That will mean less slippage and more power to the ground buddy. The converter is going to be 4000 stall in high stall mode and 1900 or so in low stall mode. If 4k stall cant spool it up then I'll spray some N.O.S and have a hobbs switch turn it off at 15 to 20 pounds. That should get her out of the hole. Either way it looks like there's an ass whoop'in is in your immediate future.