H&R motor mounts


Apr 19, 2006
I just finished installing my H&R motor mounts, did everyone see a +/- 1/2 inch raise in the motor, I got at least 1/2 in. rise. it seems to sit on the center pins. I also used a level on my motor before I torqued the long Main bolts. I'm waiting on my GBodyparts down pipe and only have a mease now anyone off center theirs to the passenger side or drivers side for the GBODY DP. Just curious of some of your guys experience with them. Both the motor mounts and the 3" DP
These are the newest mounts as I got them only a few weeks ago and have some adjustability in them.

THanks Guys.

BTW It was a pretty easy install:biggrin:
Which mounts did you get- they sell stage2 mounts that might lift a stock block alittle.
If I remember correctly my engine came up a little when I when to the HR mounts. I've never had any problem with anything fitting. I just figured the old ones were worn pretty badly. Just curious, but why are you going to a gbody DP if you have a mease?
my enigne came up probley as much as yours. when you have broken motor mounts its amazing what the HR's will do when you install them. i love my HRParts motor mounts. i bought my set when they first came out and the have been in the car since. no problems to this day. o and to top it all off im also running his tranny mount as well.
I have the stock mounts from them.

I have also the transmission mount, thats my next late night install.

My mease pipe is older and only a 2 1/2 inch although very functional over stock
It is quite ugly, with numerous welds in it.

My mounts were not broken but getting very weak. Did any of you use a level to set up your mounts?
Thanks guys for the replies.
i got one of the first run poly mounts from hr parts and my motor does sit higher and it put a hole in my hood liner and i had to dimple the throttle body pipe for my front mount. i have factory replacemants and the tie down to replace the pily mounts with. then i got to spent hundreds of dollars to get a new hoodliner :mad: :mad: :mad: ...