Had fun at the track!


Jun 13, 2001
Friday some friends and I went to a 1/4 mile track....It was my first time at a 1/4 mile track with the Buick and I was looking for a good kill. When we arrived there were all kinds of rice out!! My buddies and I were laughing our heads off at the crazy looking stuff...never saw so many Fart tips and Wings in my life! They were running real fast too...like 16.50's average ha! So I left them to my buddies in there trucks...I start looking for some real cars and Line up against a 2001 lightning..very nice truck....I was pumped about racing him...saw him run a 13.14 a race before....well we line up and I totally killed him by like 5-6 cars...my buddies said he spun a lil...next I line up against a 2001 Camaro SS 6 speed a black awesome looking car...we take off and he has a better reaction time but I pulled on him fast and beat him by like 5 cars....last I raced a 98 mustang GT man I beat him by like 10 cars...it was funny... that thing only ran like a 15.00! We had a great time and many laughs....we trip out watching the video of it...I was the only Turbo Buick...Nobody knew what it was...man I love it!
what did you run at the track?

was that 12.52@108 in your signature a track run, or g-tech?

regardless, 12.52 with stock injectors i'd say is quick.....but you are probably running out of injector as well....
the 12.52, 4.0 0-60 was a g-tech run...it was 20 lbs of boost, red 108 chip, 117 octane at 62 deg. outside and 3 lbs launch ...At the track I ran 12.93's that was 114 octane, red 108, 18 lbs. 70 deg. outside. 2 lbs launch...my 60 foot times were only 1.98...I was spinning bad....I ran the g-tech at the track the same time I ran the 12.93 and it was about the same time on the g-tech...my 0-60 was 4.4 on that run. The track we were at was 2 hours from my house and I didn't want to run it that hard so I could get back home :)
12.90s with a stock setup is great, especially with those 1.9 60fts, get those down to the 1.70s (5lb or more launch) and you are doing 12.70s/60s....right where i was running with a similar setup....

good job!
I tried the 5lbs launch and it spun even worse....I guess I need to work on my suspension ...
I have a snubber but I was thinking about taking the front sway bar off just when I race...what else could get me down to the 1.60-1.70 range in 60 foot times...I'm running 16lbs of air in the BFG drags....
Nice work! I agree, those are nice times for a basically stock setup. The first time I was at the track (before rebuild and upgrades), I could only squeeze out some low 13's, of course that was also before I knew how to tune this thing. Way to snuff out them Camaros!
I'd put more air in the BFGDR's if you are still running stock width wheels. 18-20 psi gives a better contact patch than lower pressures. 20 psi + in the right side airbag will help, too. It's tough to get max 60 fts on a street night, because track prep is usually bad, but 1.8's should be no problem if you keep the tires clean at the track.

I wouldn't worry too much about running out of injector or turbo until you are running low 12's and 110+, but you can start thinking about upgrading, now. Losing the flowmasters might put you at 110 mph with your current set-up, however.
Nice times, but they can get a lot better...

When I had the stock turbo/intercooler/injecters and my main mods were only exhaust, K&N airfilter, and Red's 108 race chip my car ran a best of 12.785 @104.65mph with a 1.75 60ft time launching the car with 3lbs of boost on MT ET streets... I was running 20lbs of boost and the car would of probably run a 12.5 or better with a 1.6 to 1.5 60ft time and launching with more boost... IMO, the two most important things involved with getting your TR to run with any combination is your 60ft time and how much boost u can launch with... I know and have heard of plenty of guys who launch their cars with 10lbs of boost or more and they also cut great 60ft times like 1.6s and 1.5s and their cars run really strong cause of these factors... Not only will your ETs improve, but also your mph... Tunning is also another important factor, but from what I've seen u can have the car tuned perfectly, but if u don't launch hard enough you'll never see the true potential of your TR... My best advice is to get your traction problems figured out before u start really modding your car because this way u can see what your cars full potential is with your current setup, so in short LAUNCH IT LIKE U HATE IT and you'll run better times:)