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I know this doesnt belong here but its funny
well anyway me and my friend were driving around in his taurus cause we were bored this is our ROADTRIP car anytime we go anywhere far we take this anyway its got like 130,00 miles on it but its taken care of nonetheless and from what he tells me hes got all kinds of wierd stuff in it corvette suspension parts all kinds of crap i dunno
but anyway we pulled upto a light and another taurus with a 3 dorky kids in it and they started looking over and i started laffing so hard cause i wish i had my car ;) but anyway my friend is like were going for it he likes to race his real mode of transportation is a hooked up custom honda hurricane 600 (fast bike ive drivin it) he has the racing spirit so he punches it and we abuse these kids then we lined up on either side of a van and we both punched it again and again we killed em then we had to turn off to go toward my house and by the time we slowed down to turn they flew by like they won or something it was really funny
I used to surprise people in my 56 Chevy. It ran 19.96@73. I sure am glad I always caught them off guard. Actually they were really not racing me. Fun none the less. ERIC.
Dude, how about Some periods!

I don't mean to get on you (again) but it makes it more exciting to read something if it has correct punctuation.

Good kill!
i know i have horrible punctuation i always forget.
nope neither were sho's, and hell yea my gn would have rocked both of em.
dude i love it when people do the fly by thing that is so funny when they do that they dont even look cool when they do it but they think they actually won the race even when you let out of the throttle haha i wonder what kind of corvette suspension you can fit under the taurus maybe shock or something like that gm parts on a ford who would have thought they would fit later bryan