Hall Effect Sensor - signal splitter



Does anyone make a splitter box for a hall effect sensor signal?
I want to split my crank signal in to 2 outputs.

Just use a comparator.

What are you trying to run with the second signal?. If it's high enough impedance shouldn't be a problem.
A compur?-*? what? Never heard of that, what is it or who makes it? My factory crank sensor from the vortec 454 is on this 502, without the crank signal to my factory ECM it just basically shuts down. I wanted to use the signal for the factory and FAST system, right now I'm using a MSD HEI dist. I guess it is more for testing than anything else. I could go back to my stock dist. with cam sensor and be able to run on either the stock ECM or the FAST. Just curious if I could, now I have to know. My FAST ECM is hidden under my stock ECM, very hidden, everyone wants to know tuned my stock ECM to get 600hp I just laugh.

So you want to run your pcm for the tranny control, and the Speedpro for the engine, right?.

If you have it running using a Distributor, that would be my best suggestion.
I'm pretty certain you can just splice into the existing reference signal. The input impedance of the ECU and the PCM should be high enough to not be a problem.