Happy Birthday James, Charlie, & Chuck:

Gary Wells

White turbo Buick trailer park trash
Mar 2, 2002
Happy Birthday to James (Squid4life), Charlie (Charlief1), Chuck (Chuck Leeper) & best wishes for many more to come.
Happy Birthday Charlie!!!
Happy Birthday Squid!!!
Happy Birthday Chuck!!!

Charlie, I talked to you just yesterday on the phone, and you never mentioned it. 29 again?!?!?
happy birthday to the three of you.

Mike Barnard
Was supposed to work from 1200 to 2000 hours and suprise, I didn't get off until 2230 hours.:mad: Now I just need to sleep and do a 1600 to 0000 hours shift but I don't believe it will happen. Thanks fot all the good wishes and hopefully I'll be abe to get something done on my car in the very near future.;)