Happy Birthday to me!


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Feb 8, 2002
Well after several weeks of getting back to even on my 87 GN I finally got it back today from the shop. Put a lot of work into it but mosly things like new brakes, shocks, new battery etc.
While I have been waiting to get it back Ive been cruising this board and found an ATX Racing club here in town. Sent a message to those guys just to say hey. Most of them have TA's of various types. They said they usually meet at the local Sonic in the evenings so I decided to go cruise by there. While I was out a guy in a VERY sweet 69 Dodge SuperBee pulls off into a parking lot in front of me. This car is mint and I want to get a look at it. Got to talking to him and he had rebuild almost the whole thing. Had a 383 in it. He said it runs 14's but I think he was being modest. He and I decide to cruise over to Sonic and grab something to eat. While we are sitting there a group of TA's pull in and park. We sit for a while and then go over to say hello. Its the ATX guys. There were 4 guys, mostly early 20s. All nice guys and we sit and shoot the breeze for a little while. Its pretty cold so we decide to cruise up the street to get warm.
We pull out onto a 4 lane street with a middle turn lane. One of the TA's pulls up beside me and says "So lets see what you got" At this point I really dont know what to expect as Ive never ran ANYONE in any car before. So I laugh and yell 'Not much'. He punches it and so do I. We started out at maybe 20. I look over and he is gone. Hmm so I check the rearview and there he is, at least a car length back. We go a couple blocks and I prob gain another half on him. There is traffic coming up so I have to shut it down. We make the corner and pull into a Midas shop and check out the superbee for a while. VERY sweet car. Getting cold again so we decide to head back to Sonic. Same TA and I line up at the red light. I get boost up to 0 and we launch (I have 215 radials on it atm. BFG's coming though and some Weld Pro Stars as well.) TA is spinning his tires thru the intersection and I leave him by 2 cars. he shut it down and I coast on out and wait for the rest to catch up. It was a good night and everyone had fun. The guy I pulled on knew what a GN was and had a lot of respect for them. He wasnt at all surprised that I could pull him. If any of them read here, sorry guys Im terrible with names.
I was just happy to know I have a respectable almost stock GN now. Oh and it is my birthday today. Not a bad present!


Only mods so far. 2 3/4 downpipe Ultra chip, orange stripe converter, GNX Brace kit, tuned to 16psi boost.
Im also from the BIG A town! I have seen these ATX dudes cruizin around. Good to see another V-6 whoopin some a**. Im in town about every other weekend......i have a black 87 GN w/ 15'' torque thrust wheels. If you see me, flag me down! Talk to ya later. Clay
Fun isn't it?

Dood, I remember the first race in my GN, It scared me. I had just gotten rid of a 95 Eclipse GST, which is no slouch mind you. I raced my friend,s (RIP) 71 Mustang, and it pulled him. I was so excited and scared at the same time. The Buick will surprise you! ERIC.