Hard cold start maf@ 9 key on engine off


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Jul 27, 2012
Hey All, Happy New Year! Am working in North Carolina for the next few years so I brought Rosie out from Tucson, as there's 4 drag strips within an hour of me.
Anyway, car starts and runs fine coming off the trailer. Today at about 25 degrees, she would start and die, maybe backfire as she died. Finally got it to start and run. At idle powerlogger indicates 17 on maf. Key on engine off it indicates 9. I have 3.5 inch maf and translator.
When finally got it running and warmed up took it for a 5 mile ride and seemed to be surging at cruise. Maf numbers go up with throttle, just all seem high. I'm thinking translator issue, what do y'all think? Thanks and Cheers!
translators are tough to hurt. unless you fill them with water..

It could also be ground wire issues, and stuff like that.

with the engine not running, does the MAF reading go up with throtte?

any trouble codes?

what does the MAF read with the translator unplugged?