Hardtop TTA wanted


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Hello to all,
I am still looking for a hardtop TTA leather or cloth car. I am prepared to pull the trigger immediately for the right car.Referals would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.
Vic :)
Hard top TTA

Yes you are absolutely correct;)
I will need a lot of luck or just a lot of hard work to find one.
I still have hope that I will.
Have a great day:smile:
Finding one of these cars may take years since only 24 were made If one does come up for sale it will probably be through one of the major auction houses. I would look up Barrett Jackson, Russo Steele, RM, and the others to see if you can get on a list to be emailed when they put out their auction catalog. I am pretty sure you are always checking Ebay and the other Turbo 6 related sites. If ones comes up it will be talked about. Be prepared to shell out $30K+ for one with any mileage and in any condition. Do you absolutely want an original hardtop? If you just want a hardtop car, buy a good condition t-top one for $10 - $13K, find a donor hardtop, and have a body shop put it on. Now before I get blasted for this suggestion let me say it can be done and look factory correct. A friend of mine had a '88 SCCA prepped IROC that was originally a t-top car and had a body shop graph a hardtop roof on to it. The car had no headliner so I could see everything. The bracing, sheet metal form and fit, and overall look was 100%. The only thing everyone would frown upon is if you or someone else tried to resell the car as an original hardtop. We will keep our eyes open for you. Good luck.
Hardtop Tta

Thanks for the advise.I would rather keep searching to find a good original hardtop car. I am patient and I know one will turn up.I am prepared to pay up to and well over $30K for the right car.
Have a great weekend,
re: hardtop TT/A

You could speed up the process if you went to Turbo Trans AM.Com and looked up every hartop owner and started tracking them all down until you found one that was for sale.....just my 2 cents. I have two t-top cars myself, if i dont like the sun i just put in my t-top shades......Dave
Hardtop TTA

Thank you very much for the suggestion. I have tried this approach with two very nice members who respectfully turned me down. I will keep trying some others.
Have a great day :)
1989 TTA Hardtop

Thank you all for your help in trying to locate a hardtop 1989 TTA. I have had no luck yet but I am confident one will come my way sometime soon.
Happy weekend to all,