harness swap and some troubles


Jan 16, 2003
I have basically switched my entire wrecked T into a donor car. As my T was a 25k mile Arizona cream puff all of the harnesses were swapped as well. I am having a problem with the fuel gauge reading slammed past full at all times and no running lights or turn signals. brake lights are OK. I have plugged another hanger into the wiring and it does the same thing. So I assume that I am overlooking something really simple. Any help is greatly appreciated.:D BTW I checked the connector at the back of the cluster and it is minty fresh straight and perfect.
You could have a bad ground. You said the fuel gauge slams "at times." Does this mean sometimes it works? Where in FL are you?
No it just stays pegged past full... it goes wayyy past full. I am in Ft Myers. I have checked all the grounds I can think of and run a small jumper to make sure I have good grounds at various points.
Dang. I'm up in Orlando for the week. If you were a bit closer we could get together and have a look. Are any of your other gauges pegged or just the fuel? I would be currious to see if the power was hooked up backwards thereby reversing the needle direction in a big way. As for you lights you just need to take a multimeter and start checking for power between ground and different points a long the path. Double check to make sure you're not inadvertently running a positive ground system. :eek:
Thanks for the replies. I will have to do some more checking with the voltmeter. I feel like I just missed a connection(ground) somewhere as this harness is all factory and in perfect condition. I do have one unknown female single prong plug that has no mate.It originates@the drivers side almost directly under the dash speaker , it hangs near the white positve junction block.
That plug I was asking about stays unused. Additionally, I found an old post and solved all my problems. The plug in the trunk for thr rear harness can be turned and plugged in 180 degrees out... flipped it over and everything works right now:)
glad you got it worked out! If you know does that plug turned over make the pos/neg reversed? just curious for future referance. Again, totally sweet you figured it out! thanks for posting backk so the solution is in the thread.