Has something happened to Dusty Bradford


Nov 4, 2008
In my search for a converter I think I’ve gotten some good info from a couple of vendors. I would like to have spoken with Dusty however I can not locate him anywhere. Left messages on his phone to no avail. Don’t know him but hope is okay. Maybe an extended vacation? Anybody?
Not sure about Dusty and hope he is doing well.
You can also PM Bison to spec the 9.5 PTC or other converter for your combo.
Do just what Jerryl told you to do, because that's exactly what I did. I bought my new PTC through Bison and the price was decent too. FYI-Be prepared to wait roughly 3-4 weeks for a PTC converter, due to them being slammed.
Third on contacting Bison! He’s your guy and you’ll get exactly what your combo needs!!

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