Where oh where is Robert Bean (beene006)?

Is this guy that stupid that everyone from both boards won't know that this is the same turd/crook?:cool:
what a schmuck! Does this guy actually think he can get away with what he's doing. I say someone should call up his work and let them what's happening.
It's funny how the only response was reporting members for harrassment...lol It's amazing how some people can even sleep at night.
He actually reported me as well!!! Thought that was pretty funny since I was just asking questions!!
The worst part is he has actually convinced himself that he is not that scumbag. That's usually how pathalogical liars get by in life.
Any updates on this fool?

I have issued a refund for BoostedEvIL . I do apologize to all of my Turbo borther for the lack of communication but I have been going through a lot of personal things in my life it was not and my intent to scam anyone. Joe if you still want the conterver let me know. once again I do apologize for theo non communication on my part. no hard feelings to anyone.

Is that what your looking for?

It was posted above.

BW :)

Robert hasn’t gotten back in touch with me. I had one phone call that got through to him; but he hung up. The Child Services place he works don’t answer questions about him; and may not really care; a sad thought. No reply to eMail.

PayPal cuts off any review after 45 days. MasterCard makes it harder after 90. The way Robert drug this out; I have a feeling he knew. There’s enough internet (wire) fraud that the Attorney General’s Office is hard to deal with also.

At least Robert is consistent; he offered to send the converter or refund; and did neither. He did have a little stint at gnttype.org; but that seems to have gone sour because of his behavior here. He’s probably changed his name by now; but he must like the “beene006” thing for some reason.

His BlackPlanet page has been modified a bit; to no longer show the Regal; but he left in the stuff about working hard and standing up. I guess that stuff is just for the President to do.

This page was the #1 hit when you Googled “beene006” for a while.

That’s all I know. If anyone has something else; add it to the soap opera.


"but I have been going through a lot of personal things in my life"... But, not too many "things" to take people's money, and not ship the parts????
Since when does a "chance" come into play, when shipping a part??