Have had about all i can take!!!!!!!!


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Aug 11, 2008
OK im gonna just go on for a min here well lets start from the beginning.
about 7 to 8 mounths ago i seen this t-type setting at a shop for sell.
So i stoped just to look at it and see how much the guy wanted for it and to my suprise the car was about the cleanest g body i have ever seen on the inside has a little rust but very fixable. so at this point im pretty intrested in the car that i had just stopped to look at . got to talking to the owner car has a bunch of go fast goodies but will not build any boost although it runs perfect cold air everything works . BTW its a 85 t type don't know the option code but it looks just like a gn just gold not black and diff interior but it has black out trim bucket seats console shifter ect ect . Well i guess i got to wanting this car a little more than i should have AND YES YOU ALL KNOW WHAT I MEAN. so i bought it 4000 plus tax drove it home no boost found turbo to need rebuilding sent it to esp performance and oh about 700 and a mounth later i got it back put it on car drove car to gas station to fill it up had boost controler lines on wrong so it would only build about 10psi but felt good. got back home about 6 miles total. broke out the greddy manual found problem fixed. ok lets see what she'll do lol set boost on about 18 psi came to a stop brake stalled it up left on 10psi as the tires were just starting to spin 275 50 bfg drag radials btw as the car continued to tear the tires off through first gear i was suprised then it hit 2 and felt as though it had found another 75hp as it hooked up ran it to about 85 90 mph and let off i was very content with how it ran. THEN i stopped at the stop sign and smoke rolled by the car. ok like by the time i got back home about 16 miles round trip i had never thought it to be possible for a engine to smoke this badly. upon futher inspection found the turbo to be completly DEAD turbine and commpressor fubar. well ok if its gonna happen its gonna happen to me. sent turbo back off to esp. cost me another 550. lol great absolutly great saved up, paid for it got it back this week. today i put it on removed intercooler and all piping cleaned it out like a made man it could not be any cleaner. removed oil line cleaned it too. installed turbo started her up
checked for leaks everything looks good let go down the road . drove it around the block a couple timed taking it easy very easy had boost set at like 12psi i rolled into it a couple of times just for a second no big deal. went home washed up and got my 4 year old little girl to take her to the store. Well hell lets take the regal drove about 3 miles to the store no problem parked, shut it off, all is good.came back out get her in the car go to start it up and it sounds like the dam engine is trying to fight its way out from under the hood car will not start i think the torque converter came loose idk. here i am hating life it self and having to deal with the shame of calling my wife to come get us. go get car trailer pick up car. just a wonderful day i'll look at it tommoro to see what came loose maybe its not to bad but if anyone wants a 85 let me know

but you see i had a 78 malibu with a dart headed .640 solid roller 406 that i had to sell once i bought this demon buick (really now i love this regal) and oh yea i might have well just gave it away but it had to go sold it for 3500 i find myself wondering WTF was i thinking i must say though the buick is bad. when it running
No offence but that was hard to read. It sounds like you sent the turbo out to be rebuilt and it went bad again right away costing you another $550 to repair again. Strange. :confused: I wouldn't drive it until I figured out exactly what was going on with the engine. What does the oil look like?
yes your right it is hard to read lol. and yes i paid fot it to be built twice. it seems to be good this time. dont really know what happend the first time oil looks great. on the current problem i hope the torque converter bolts just backed out
X2, that was hard to read but i get it. posted a few like this myself ;)

whats going on with the car now?? how is it running?? do you got a boost gauge?? what are your specs anyway?

all stock?.

and the buicks are "King of the road"

TOday i went out n drove my car to get miles on my rebuilt(already broken in but you know)
At the light i got me a early 90's bazer with a V8 swap, and a 300 Hemi, took them both off the line and left them 5-6 cars behind N spining the wheels HEHE!!
Tha's common after a new TQ install. They may need retightened.
The reason why I asked about the turbo was it makes you wonder if it's getting sufficient oil. Is it possible that the feed line could be coked?
good news the converter was loose bolts backed out easy fix.
bad news after sitting for 6 months the car has no 2nd gear :confused: shifted perfect before now has no 2nd at all goes from first to 3rd
and also before when i put the turbo back on it the car ran very well.
now got good boost, pulls good at low rpm but falls on its face at about 3500 rpm i gotta get my datalogger working and figure out whats up with the trans

parts list that is known

1985 t type --- 87 ecu, sperco fmic, turbonetics,cheata .63, adj wastegate, greddy profec b2 boost controller, 340 hot wired, razor alki running meth, thrasher 93 chip, kenny bell headers and down pipe, duel exhaust, 50# injectors, lt1 maf, maf translator plus, acufab adj fuel reg, 2800 converter,
.519 lift cam unknown dur#s, knock gauge, a/f gauge, gnx dash vdo gauges,
oil pressure booster plate, 3.42 gears, 275 50 15 bfg drag radials, i think that is about it.
These cars can be extremely frustrating at times. The main question I have is why did the first Turbo go on the car? Usually with freshly rebuilt turbo they balance them and there are no issues. If the compressor wheel of the turbo was damaged did something get sucked into it?
I'm really not sure what happend to it the first time. the company that rebuilt it said something hit the compressor wheel. idk it started smoking first but still spooled as it should. as the smoke got worse it started binding up i think the seal went first then the compressor wheel. but who knows it could have been hit by something

also this time they had to convert the turbo over to a garret compressor wheel because turbonetics does not make the wheel that was in it anymore also had to chage backplate you think that could have anything to do with it not running as strong? It feels like it is pulling timing out above 3500-4000

does the scanmaster show ign timing??
Hows the car running now??Details,

Somehow, my car started to run like a dog, NO boost just crappy all around. No codes nothing
I had a exhaust leak n so i took off the DP,UP, elbow. IDKY but i was(with the UP on.
I turned the car on, Exhaust wheel didnt move at all:eek: nothing it was STUCK!!!!!

well later i took off the turbo n took both comp/exhaust housings off. ONLY TO FIND A Small NUT inside :mad: IDK How the hell it got in there but took it off, turbines spin free, everything was good. I put the turbo back n started it up. GOD DAMN, the car was running real strong.

Stonger then stock turbo. Great but might be my timing or something. I need to lower it somehow IDKH.
As for the downtime i had a spare turbo(stock) ran better with the stocker.

Well hope you get your car going. kept posted
how it runs now

right now the car runs ok just not that strong.its got a greddy boost controller if i set it at like 65% thats like 22-23# of boost with the alky turned on just enough so it doesn't have any knock
it will pull good in first to about 4200 rpm then the power drops off.
it wont go into second gear i think somthing in the valve body is stuck idk worked perfect before, but set up for 6 months.
so that makes it kinda hard to tell
i don't have any way to monitor ign timing so i don't know what is doing got to get the direct scan to work
and i'll go from there
i just dont understand why the car ran perfect before and like poop now i
don't get it. And if i try to turn the boost up any higher on the controller like 75% it'll go to like 18-20psi and start surging really bad i don't get that either
but i can turn it down and get more boost:confused: . i think it is one of the settings on the boost controller just havent had time mess with it much i'm thinking of just putting a manuel boost controller on it. this thing has to many functions on it.

but overall the car runs good just doesn't seem to have anywhere near the power that it had.

i just drove it about 20 miles before it broke last time. BUT i have been in and had a lot of pretty fast cars and i think it would have ran about a 8.20-8.30 in the 8th . Now i don't think it would run a 9.20 if that helps
one more thing i live in Dothan AL. south east AL does anyone know of a shop that could tune this thing once i get the trans fixed thats anywhere near being close to me thanks
I feel you on this one:( my 85 T has given me some problems ( most of the turbo buicks do) .................i guess its a labor of love kinda thing u know.
Well my only comment is about the transmission, I found that once I reached the power level of traction issues,(not power braking) the transmission was on it's last leg.

Well my only comment is about the transmission, I found that once I reached the power level of traction issues,(not power braking) the transmission was on it's last leg.


Yeah, these stock non BRF trannys suck. I've had 3 hot air's and all 3 have had tranny issues at one point or another.
I am kinda familiar with that car. My uncle lives in Dothan and asked me if I was interested in another T Type. If this is the same car, it had a spearco intercooler, TA33, alky and they originally wanted $7000 for the car. That car had not been driven for over 2 yrs. The tranny fluid was thin then. My uncle stated that the car was sluggish. Other than that car, he had not seen any T Types/GN in that area unless they were headed to Panama City. The closes place to get the tranny built or tuned is Montgomery. You can go to Montgomery Motorsport Park and there are some GN's in the area. Bob Hinson is a board member that frequents that track. Long Duck Dong is also another member. Good luck with your gremlins. We all have had the ups and downs of owning a Turbo car. If you can not find anyone, this forum will provide answers... You just have to dig... in the archives.
thanks this car was for sell in daleville at roberts auto performance repair its got a turbonetics stage 3 turbo i think about the same as a 33. Also i got it running pretty well but still haven't fixed the trans. you can search forum for tampa t-type he had the car and there is a link to some pics of it .