Hawaii Raceway Park closing?


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Did anyone hear anything about this? Jackson said the lease is up at the end of the year and they will close. If anyone has any info on this, let us know. If it is true then we need to start a petition or something. :mad:
According to a friend:

The BAD news is, that the old lease expires as of Dec. 31. :(

The GOOD news is that a new 10 yr. lease was signed this past Saturday. :)

Hope he's right!

I hope they make the pit area BIGGER!! So much new racers, same ol pit space. I think ill ask Paul G. about it.
Ok I just talked to ED he takes care of the Marketing and promotions for the race way park I could'nt get in touch with Paul G. He told me that it is not true that the Raceway Park will close, they are having plans in a new and bigger race track in a few years. I also explained about the news on TV about the closing and he did not answer my question? Hmm? He said also if it were to close it will not ever going to happen. So Happy RACING!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D
On the speedhawaii forums, there has been, also, a rumor that a state funded race park is in the planning phase.
Here's what I got from Paul G.

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From: "What you and alot of other people heard is a rumorstarted by
Punishum motorsports show. The track has signed a multi year lease recently.
t.v. people they didnt even call us or hawaii motorsports center to find
out what was going on before they opened their mouths . Very bad reporting
Thank you

Paul Giovanetti"
Response from Mike Oakland from HRP

Its unfortunate that some people like to try and disrupt things that are going well. No..... the race track is not closing and Punishm motorsports created and published the rumor on their own. What their motive is, is unknown to me, but as the master leaseholder and a private business person, it is not true, nor will it be so. The terms and conditions of my lease are private and will remain so. My goal for the last 14 years is to get a new home for us and we are progressing nicely on that goal. I hope you will be kind enough to ease the fears of your friends and associates with my response. Aloha Mike Oakland