HD actuator


Hi Gang,

I need to apologies for my being a little harsh against the HD version. The reason i was is I have designed my own and had PTE build them for me. The reason i went with PTE is no one in the club would trust me but i knew you would ALL trust a vendor ! This has been in the works for a little over 2 years now with BETA testing done in Ark and OK and GA . Buba,Conrad,Eugene all have ran as low as #32 boos ton pump gas with NO ISSUES ! Of course if you are running #12- #13 with ALKY then your set with this! I would not run over # 43 on pump gas till your sure your O2 are in the NEGATIVE 675 - 700 range ! Some guys DO get away with running LEANER but they are running real good Splitfire plugs gaped at .003 . Bud racing will be the only Vendor to be selling these. I have 3 in stock at the moment. I wanted the club to be the first to have these and test them. Steve will be running duals on his twin turbo street wagon ! I just can't see him needing anything for boost control once we dial them in ! Also while we were bench testing we noticed that the a stock size vacuum hose was not adequate for this Actuator. You can run the stock hose for low # 32 street boost or my -10 steel braided upgrade for more race boost of #12-13 ! The -10 upgrade will be an $ 98 option that you can check in the shopping cart while ordering. I will need to know if you will need the 5 foot length to hook up to your boost gauge or the optional 14 foot length so you can control any size air tool you may have running in the car at the same time ! All come with AN fittings of your thread size desired. I attached the spy pics of the new Actuator next to a stock one so you can see the size difference. IMG_0937.jpgIMG_0938.jpg