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I am porting my TA SE heads . I am not going to big as I want to keep the velocity up . . I am just starting so I'm doing all the port entrances then i will move on to the bowls .My question is what grit sand paper should I finish the port with.This picture is with a 180 grit flapper wheel

This next picture is the same port with a 320 grit flapper
80 or 100 grit is fine for final. What are you porting them to gasket wise? If your going to a 1200 and want to get the cross section and flow then your going to break through to the headbolt holes. This requires alot of material moved and someone with experience. Be careful you can ruin them if your unsure of the flows fast moving areas, etc
I was bored so I started messing around with some smoke and flowing it through the intake port

Use a string instead of smoke. See where it becomes turbulent. Don't lower the floor much if any don't do any polishing, that's a waste of time. Short side radius is where the most gain usually is.
Im going to finish the exsaust port then I am going to go to my buddy dad's cylinder head shop . He has been doing heads for year and just recently did a set of heads that took the top alcohol mph record . He is going to let me use his flow bench and give me some advice . When you guys are flowing heads what size bore are you using? 3.800" 4"?
Alil progress still got some more porting to do but I'm on the right track


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