Headlights flickering.......


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My driving lights and my headlights as well as my light on my boost gauge all have a slight flicker to them,does not increase with rpm.I am guessing a ground issue:confused: . Thanks in advance.........
Chuck. Its already dark and raining outside:frown: . I will check it in the morning!! Thanks....
Well,after a few weeks of checking/replacing grounds,checking all the bulbs and swapping altenators, i still have my flickering lights. Any other ideas? Boy do i love electical gremlins:mad: :o
U check the firewall/bulkhead plug?
U check the plug on the headlite sw?
U go over the fuseable links?
Belt tensioner not allowing the belt to slip, is it?
There are headlight ground wires on both the inner panels near the core support, they could be loose or corroded.:confused:
loose nut behind the wheel.lol:biggrin: Good luck buddy.Give me a call sat and i can bring my multi meter over and check some stuff out.:cool:
my TR was doing the same thing. check the wire going to the starter. the fellas here told me to do so because sometimes it gets burned from the dp. if the wire is ok then check and see if the wire is tight on the starter solenoid. when my TR was doing that it turned out that the +bat cab was loose at the solenoid. i tightened it and the flickering stopped.