Headlights won’t turn off!!


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Jul 13, 2023
Hello all, I have an 84 t type that I just purchased. Car battery was dead when in light it. Jumped the car and drove it home. Purchased a new battery for it because it sat for a while and later in the evening I find that the headlights are on even though the switch is off. Mess with the dimmer and it’s working fine. Ordered a new headlight switch figured the old switch is bad but I’m still having the same issues. Any help would be great!! I did trying search but all of the content was for headlights that won’t turn on.
Update. After 15ish minutes headlights turned off. Came back out to car 30 mins later and headlights and tail lights were on.
Do you have twilight sentinel option? Is there a plastic eye in the center of the dash on top?


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