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May 26, 2001
State Senate passes gun control legislation
By: Zack Fink
The State Senate passes new gun control legislation by a 43 to 18 margin. The Assembly will reconvene Tuesday morning to take up the measure. Zach Fink has the latest.


ALBANY, N.Y. -- For weeks, legislative leaders and Governor Andrew Cuomo have been negotiating a package of gun control measures. And exactly 30 days after the Newtown school shooting, the governor sent lawmakers a 78 page bill.
"This is a scourge on society, people have had to live through these tragedies, tragedy after tragedy and people have to ask themselves at what point so you get it? At what point so you say enough?" Governor Cuomo asked.
The bill bans assault weapons, including those manufactures before 1994. That's when New York State last banned assault weapons and guns prior to that date were grandfathered in.
"I think the message out there is clear after Newtown to get us down this road as quickly as possible to basically eradicate assault weapons from our streets in New York as quickly as possible," said Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver.
The legislation will limit magazines or clips to seven rounds. There are also several provisions in the bill requested by republicans.
Senator Tom Libous said, "Listen, there have been a number of issues that were discussed over the last 30 days on this bill. We had been fighting for things we believe in and they were tougher penalties for people who commit a crime with a gun. Tougher penalties for people with mental illness."
The bill expands Kendra's Law ,which gives judges discretion over treatment for mental illness, including involuntary commitment.
Governor Cuomo says Newtown and an incident in Western New York where firefighters were shot and killed prompted him to act quickly.
"I think after what happened in Connecticut and what happened at home here in Webster, this issue jumped to the forefront. I think the people of the state said they want something done and they want so something done right away," Cuomo said.
This was the first action on any piece of legislation by the new legislature. A signature piece of Governor Cuomo's State of the State Address last week, this now allows Cuomo to focus on his other priorities for the session.



And so it begins...
Watch for all the other commie states to follow these actions. IE: CA, IL, etc etc.
Good luck out there.

The odd thing is that the Republican representatives think ANY measure is an acceptable compromise. Let alone what's been posted as in this thing!

They have just term limited themselves! So when nobody with a conscience can vote for a R incumbent, it get's even Worse when given to the gunbanning liberal nutjobs!!!

It's a death spiral......
That's right Patrick, more oppressive laws for a state that already has too many.

For handgun permits in NYC, not only is it a $500 cost to apply for an in-home permit that you very well may not get, (and forget about a concealed-carry!) but now, most standard-size and extended handgun magazines will be illegal. I can't remember seeing a 7-round magazine...now that's all we'll have. If I do manage to get my XD 9mm legal for this city, there goes the 10 and 15-round mags. Might as well leave the damn thing in Nebraska at the folks' place.

And ex-cops aren't happy about these ridiculous mag sizes either...they'll be stuck with them just like every other non-active duty cop/regular citizen...