OHIO Finally making the Critical MOVE FORWARD !!!


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Jun 4, 2008
The morons in the media are trying their best to fight common sense which led to this bill but we here certainly appreciate it!

"Ohio State Senator Kris Jordan introduced SB- 36 which aims to prohibit any law officer from enforcing "a firearm registration requirement or firearm ban".
Jordan told 13abc reporter Bill Hormann, "I'm letting the government know we're doing what we can, here in Ohio, to keep the government from going wild."
Jordan's bill would prevent the registration or ban of *any firearm*… including assault weapons. Jordan also believes his bill protects law officers from violating their Constitutional oaths by confiscating legally owned weapons from law abiding citizens the officers are sworn to protect."


"... responsible gun owners shouldn't be limited because of the actions of a few.
“You know, I don't need a car that goes a hundred twenty miles an hour,” Scott said. “Because the speed limit isn't that high. But it's there if I have to.”
Specifically, this bill would prohibit firearms from being seized because of federal law, and also prevent the creation of a federal firearms registry in Ohio.
Basically-- putting a stop to any federal gun control laws not already on the books. "


As to be fair to the mentally challenged, here is...
Of course, the idiot from the biggest shiphole and murder capitol of the state, where of course law abiding citizen's are banned from carrying under "home rule" provision's of the State Constitution, despite losing that court battle. She had introduced har own bill to ban everything capable of defending one's self, because don't you know, it's far easier to be a victim. It's become a placeholder because only morons side with ignorant Clevelander's victimized by their own lack of common sense.


"Today, State Senator Shirley Smith (D-Cleveland) introduced placeholder legislation to ban assault weapons throughout Ohio, create a firearm registration database to track the sales of firearms and ammunition, and limit the size of a magazine to nine bullets or fewer. "


"Smith failed to explain why she believes her ban would turn out any different than the one in Connecticut did (a similar ban was in place in that state when the Sandy Hook attack occurred).
Smith also failed to explain why she believes a gun registration scheme would turn out any differently than similar schemes in Chicago, Detroit, Washington D.C, and the entire country of Canada - all of which have failed in their stated goal of reducing crime."
I live in NJ with some of the strictest gun laws in the nation. Cannot wait to get outta here. I will be definitely going to a pro gun state. .... And with big whitetails