Hearing noise in the intake area


Gone In Sixty
May 30, 2001
I`m still trying to track down my strange Knocking noise in the engine area when the car is in drive...so today my wife put the car in drive and i listen to the noise, the sound was coming from under the intake.. this is not no valvetrain noise.... could it be the rods knocking?? if so how can i check it to be sure? there is no metal in the oil
no oil pressure drop, about 10psi at idle around 65psi full throttle, the noise is very loud when the engine is cold my kr goes from 5 to 20 kr something is tapping at the bottom end..............Is the oil pressure drop is a sign of bad rods or wrist pins?
Have you taken the valve cover off yet? Maybe a broken rocker or shaft will make your knock sensor go crazy.

If this is happening only in drive you should check the torque convertor bolts. This will cause this type of noise and relation.
could be a cracked flex plate...or convertor bolts and plate. common with these cars
This is a list of things i`ve done so far as finding the noise.. replaced the cam sensor 3times, replace valve springs, front timing cover (New), new motor mounts, checked headers for cracks, had TC rebuilt, checked flexplate for cracks, check tc bolts, checked rocker arms all the valve train with the valve cover off.........well thats about..whats next:confused:
I just replaced my oil pan gasket Sunday, no metal in the pan so i quess i remove the pistons and check wrist pins and bearings...What do i go to lose.
When you had the oil pan off, did you push on the rod. When mine let go, the number1 rod flopped on the crank. Are the torque converter bolts tight? and is the belt tensioner okay?
Yes, i pushed on the rods, none was loose, tc bolts are tight and also removed belt and still the same noise, I also check the tensioner for cracks every thing was ok...
double check the t/c bolts. hit them with an impact wrench. had the same kind of noise and they were tight with a ratchet. looked closer and actually saw the marks on the flywheel from the bolts sliding back and forth. use some blue loctite and a 1/2 inch impact gun.